About The BBA-MBA in Financial Services and Financial Planning Program

Anyone to Everyone including Salaried Class, Business Owners or Professionals settled anywhere in the World are busy in making money but seldom do they spend time in managing their hard-earned money. So much effort & hardships are invested by all in generating Profits and Incomes but seldom do they plan to invest or strategize their money. And finally, all of them hand over their hard-earned money to the Brokers/Agents or Financial Advisors (Disguised Brokers) at their disposal. But obviously, their choice of products or strategies is driven by their commissions/brokerages or incentives rather than being driven by our interests. Above all to assume that they must be capable to manage our money without having relevant qualifications or skill sets is foolish on our part.

Numerous people over the years including Large corporate & High Net worth Individuals have felt that no one has been guiding people on how to properly manage their money. In recent times, a lot of free, but not so authentic educational material has also started floating on social media, which is delivered by self-proclaimed experts. Also, the people working in the financial advisory domain are not trained properly on technical aspects; rather the training is more of “Motivational Sessions.”

On the other hand, in the last few years, the economic policies of India have resulted in massive FDI Inflows, benefiting especially Startups & MSMEs which have been growing at a healthy rate. Such inflows are expected to continue going forward, bringing huge growth opportunities with them. But the problem that remains is, there is nobody to guide them on how to strategize their businesses or plan the business activity to take the full benefit of the growth-oriented policies of the Government. Even the traditionally hired Chartered Accountants are mostly only providing services relevant to Audit, Taxation, etc, and are not acting as Business Advisors for such businesses when needed.

In order to plug this gap, we designed these specialized Programmes, created and delivered by industry experts, in order to create sound Financial Advisors (Related to Financial Planning) & Business Advisors (Related to Financial Services), who can guide others based on changing dynamics of the Economy.

Program Mission:

The mission revolves around Educating the Participants, in a contemporary practical manner with hands-on training through Projects, so that the present menace of Mis-Selling stands eradicated on one hand & genuine Financial Advisors or Business Advisors be produced with sheer technical knowledge to drive the Wealth & Business strategies for their Clients on other hands so as to create a New India- A Knowledgeable & Respectful India!!

Program Vision:
  • To equip the Candidates with the tools and techniques useful for Financial Planning in today’s financial and economic scenario.
  • To equip the Candidates with innovative models and practically woven techniques to design the Portfolio of their Clients along with apt fitment of their flagship products (Including Insurance) into such Portfolios.
  • To equip the Candidates with MSMEs related contemporary skill sets to strategize & guide on the Business side,
  • To create a forward-looking workforce for new age Financial Services (Including Fintech).
  • To bring respect into the lives of many who did not have an opportunity to get Post Graduated or Graduated whether being an Insurance Agent, a Mutual Fund or Equity or Real Estate Broker, a Business Owner, or a Home Maker.
Unique Edge of the Program
  • UGC Recognized Regular Degrees at par with any Reputed Institution of the World.
  • India’s First & Only Practically delivered Degrees in Financial Services & Financial Planning space.
  • Inaugurated by IRDAI Member Sh Nilesh Sathe and has many Renowned Industry Experts from the Insurance and Finance Industry on the Advisory Board & Industry Panel.
  • Classroom Sessions are held every 6 Months with more focus on Practical project Work while you are at your Jobs/Professions/Businesses.
  • Very Economical & the Cost includes Lodging, Food & Pick up-drop facility from Chandigarh.
  • Rare opportunity for Under-Graduates to complete their dream of getting Qualified.
  • Eligible to pursue PhD anywhere in World including with Chitkara University and become Doctorates.
  • Learning delivered in simple language by Industry Experts, followed by greater stress on Practical Projects, to be applied practically in real life work for real-life learning.
  • Acts as the requisite Masters Degree for being eligible for SEBI’s RIA License.
  • India’s Top Insurance TOTs, COTs, MDRTs, and their Development Officers have been with us on their Educational journey.
  • Even Qualified CAs, Working Professionals, Business Owners, Mutual Funds/Equity/Real Estate Brokers, HomeMakers & Your Students have been enrolling in such Programs.
Program Journey

Step 1 – Participants enroll in the Programme and come to attend classes for few days of Classroom coaching after every Six months. They are taught the Subject matter by Industry experts, in a practical manner.
Step 2 – A Semester end project is assigned, which is the real deal as it enables participants to practically apply what they have learned during their Classroom classes, in their actual fieldwork back in their hometown.
Step 3 – The Exam is relatively application-based, mostly MCQ-based, and easy to pass once you have sincerely attended the classes. Our motive is to share knowledge, not test the memory of participants.

Classes schedule for Semester 1

The dates for 1st Semester will be announced soon.

Subjects Name Semesters Time Duration Fee in Rs.
Economics for Financial Decisions Sem-1 Year 1 40,000
Accounts for Financial Decisions
Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
Fundamentals of IT Essentials
Overview of Indian Financial Industry
Semester – 1 End Project
Financial Products & Services Sem-2 40,000
Advanced Accounts for Financial Decisions
Business Communication & Etiquetes
Fundamentals of Taxation
Advanced IT Essentials
Semester – 2 End Project
Technical Aspects of Insurance Sem-3 Year 2 40,000
Technical Aspects of Mutual Funds
Technical Aspects of Stock Market
Technical Aspects of Crypto Currency
Technical Aspects of Real Estate
New Age Banking Products & Services
Semester – 3 End Project
Introduction to Portfolio Management Sem-4 40,000
Introduction to Derivatives
Introduction to Financial Planning
Introduction to Wealth Creation
Semester – 4 End Project
Financial Management Sem-5 Year 3 45,000
MSMEs & Startups Listing
Project Financing & Factoring
Semester – 5 End Project
Capital Budgeting Decisions Sem-6 45,000
Pitchbook Essentials
Preparing Project Reports
Semester – 6 End Project
Fundamentals of Financial Markets & Economic Policies Sem-7 Year 4 50,000
Fundamentals of Financial Statement Analysis
Digital Marketing & Analytics
Excel Essentials for the Real World
Overview of Indian Banking & NBFC Industry
Semester – 7 End Project
Introduction to Financial Instruments- Bonds, Equities, Mutual Funds, Insurance/ULIPs Sem-8 50,000
Advanced Financial Statement Analysis
Financial Analysis using Excel
Corporate Communication & Business Leadership
Understanding GST & Income Tax
Semester – 8 End Project
Insurance Products & Services Sem-9 Year 5 50,000
Portfolio Analysis of Mutual Funds
Price Analysis of Equity Markets
Blockchain Technology & CryptoCurrency
Real Estate Dynamics & Analytics
Banking for Business Services
Semester – 9 End Project
Portfolio: The Return & Risk Management Sem-10 50,000
Financial Derivatives: Hedging & Speculative decisions
Estate & Retirement Planning
Advanced Derivatives, Futures & Options
Semester – 10 End Project
Speciaization Fees (In Rs.) 25,000
Total Fees (In Rs.) 4,75,000

One can choose any two specializations from the following in Semester 9 from the below-mentioned list.

1) Insurance
2) Mutual Funds
3) Equities
4) Real Estate
5) CryptoCurrency & Blockchain Technology
6) Banking

Apart from the subjects mentioned above the Case studies and projects on current and relevant topics form a major part of the curriculum. The candidates shall be given Assignments that they shall have to submit within the prescribed time and format.