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With the massive boom in Financial Markets & Financial Instruments, thanks to the vision of Sh. Narendra Modi, there is bound to be massive demand of Genuine Financial Planners and Portfolio Advisors who could technically and scientifically design and manage Wealth Portfolios of Masses and Riches. In order to cater to the Prospective learners from Insurance and Other Financial Industry, Chitkara School of Banking and Financial Services has been formed wherein, practically woven programs have been designed and are delivered by Industry Practitioners and Experts under the able guidance and vision of CA Aman Chugh along with a team of Advisory Board Members comprising of Senior Industry Experts.

The Program on Insurance and Financial Planning is first of its kind in India and has been designed and is delivered by Industry Experts to handhold and assist the Prospective Learners or Ready to be Experts in the domain of Wealth Management or Portfolio Management.

Each of the Subjects in each semester have been carefully designed with utmost care to give an overall practical learning experience so that the Participants act and perform as soon as they are out of the class room coaching and virtual learning and in turn lessens down the learning curve and increases the delivery potential of the Participants. It aims to develop genuine Industry ready Portfolio and Wealth Managers who are experts in any and all domains of Financial Planning with sound knowledge of latest fields of knowledge.

  • To equip the candidates with the tools and techniques useful for financial planning in today’s financial and economic scenario.
  • To equip the candidates with innovative models and practically woven techniques to design the Portfolio of their Clients along with apt fitment of their flagship products into such Portfolios.
  • To refine the candidates’ technical and interpersonal skills through the use of case studies and live projects.
  • To nurture and groom the candidates in strengthening their Networking with clients based on sheer knowledge and technical skill sets.
  • To transform the Insurance Agents and Sub Brokers into becoming a Complete Portfolio Advisor & Financial Planner.
Subjects Name Semesters Time Duration Fees (In Rs.)
International Financial Markets & Institutions SEM-1 Year 1 40,000
IT Essentials for Managers
Digital Marketing & Analytics
Financial Statement Analysis
Fundamentals of General Insurance
Financial Modelling SEM-2 40,000
Contemporary issues, Learnings and Opportunities in Insurance
Financial Instruments
Corporate Communication
Insurance Marketing SEM-3 Year 2 40,000
Tax Planning
Derivatives, Future & Options
Wealth Management SEM-4 40,000
Estate & Retirement Planning
Portfolio and Risk Management
Know Your Product
Business Management & Its Quality Aspects SEM-5 Year 3 40,000
Mercantile Law
Global Economic Environment
Direct Tax
Business Communication and Etiquettes
Business Management & Its Quality Aspects SEM-6 40,000
Companies Law
Global Economic Environment
Indirect Tax
Business Communication and Etiquettes
Live Project – 1 SEM-7 Year 4 40,000
Live Project – 2 SEM-8 40,000
TOTAL FEES 3,20,000

Apart from the subjects mentioned above the Case studies and projects on current and relevant topics form a major part of the curriculum. The candidates shall be given Assignments which they shall have to submit within prescribed time and format.

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